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Welcome to our website. Lifestyle Fitness Institute is a Christian-based organization that provides all of the resources and expertise to balance one’s life around the four pillars of Faith, Self, Family and Life’s Work.

We teach the Next Step System by national author Timothy K. Lynn, to help you learn the practical knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve the optimal lifestyle around the four pillars.

The Next Step System promotes building fitness and health in each of the 4 pillars, that also includes, “Food Choice Management,” which is an individual approach and practical method of optimal nutrient intake from the healthiest, most nutrient-rich foods.

The Lifestyle Fitness Institute is a powerful force for total lifestyle change and health improvement.

Advancing evidence-based lifestyle education, training and coaching in the four areas of Faith, Self, Family & Life’s Work, to improve the quality of life through guided lifestyle fitness principles that aligns with the goals and needs of each person.

A world wherein Lifestyle Fitness principles are at the forefront of health and all health care programs, because lifestyle choices and behavioral health are actually the foundation of conventional medicine to improve the quality of life. It is widely accepted in the medical community that 85 percent of chronic disease today is caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices. We want to help change the course and improve the quality of people’s lives through guided Lifestyle Fitness training principles.


Our work will be guided and informed by our beliefs and commitment to:
  • Jesus Christ. Loving everyone, always.
  • Evidence-based lifestyle education and training. We claim results and outcomes supported by documented, verifiable evidence.
  • High Standards: We hold ourselves to the highest levels of competency, professionalism, morals and ethics.
  • Integrity: We act fairly, in high faith and honestly.
  • Financial Transparency
  • Health Equity: We acknowledge the impact of social determinants of health and strive to make lifestyle education and training accessible and effective for everyone.
  • Whole person health: We highly value the many aspects of health, fitness and well-being required for optimal health.

Adam Hamilton, M.S.Ed., ACSM-EP
Managing Director of LFI

Learn More About Adam Hamilton

I am the Managing Director and a Teacher at Lifestyle Fitness Institute. Nearly 20 years of experience working with clients, patients and students has shaped my approach and methods to optimizing lifestyles for optimal health and wellness. I have had the great privilege of working alongside the brightest minds within the industry of Health, Wellness & Performance Enhancement. I am humbled and grateful that I was personally mentored by two of the world’s brightest minds in the industry, Bill Allerheiligen and Dr. Jack Groppel. By blending my knowledge with established health and fitness principles, I am able to prescribe and implement effective health and wellness programs that achieve desired results.

I have always had a passion for health, fitness, physical challenges and eating super foods. Investing my energy in managing my diet and exercising has shaped who I am. I enjoy sprinting, long-distance running, hiking with my dog and resistance training. I live in the northwest suburbs with my amazing wife, Clare, and our lovely daughters, Alessandra and Alina.

Credentials, Awards & Affiliations:

– Master of Science in Education in Exercise Physiology from Northern Illinois University (2013)
– Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois at Chicago (2010)
– American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Physiologist (ACSM-EP)
– American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise is Medicine Level II (ACSM-EIM II)
– Member of the American College of Sports Medicine
– Recipient of the College of Applied Health Sciences Student Achievement Award in the Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition at the University of Illinois at Chicago
– National Champion at the 2010 American College of Sports Medicine National Conference Exercise Science Student Jeopardy Bowl
– Basic Life Support CPR and AED Certified


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