Mastering The Schedule is Your Superpower

The great German thinker and philosopher, Immanuel Kant, lived a nearly mechanical scheduled life. His day-to-day lifestyle was so precisely structured and methodical that the villagers in his town say they could set their watch to his 3:30 pm walks every day. For...

Food Choice Management: The Mighty Avocado

Thirty to forty years ago, the U.S. Dietary Guidelines regarded and listed fat as a "nutrient of concern." Dietary fat intake guidelines were recommended to be less than 30 percent of total calories consumed. Dietary fat was regarded to be a danger to blood...

Your Life’s Work – Live Your Days With a Fulfilling Sense of Purpose

What is the difference between your job or work you go to each day and your life's purpose or mission? Life is so much more than showing up to work for 40 hours a week to get a paycheck. To truly get satisfaction and fulfillment in life is to do, or work at what God...

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