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Lifestyle Fitness Institute offers four (4) private, secure dog walking fields you can book for exercise and play in an own enclosed, exclusive area with a limited number of other dogs.

Located in beautiful and serine Union, Illinois, all of our fields feature 6-foot fencing to ensure maximum security for your dog(s). The fences are designed to allow visibility of your dogs at all times.

You may want to use the fields for private training, walking, exercise, or simply somewhere to relax and enjoy your pet while both of you get some needed exercise.

Your booking is required for your very own enclosed, secure space.

We also have a large wooden shed/shelter, picnic table, wash station, and freshwater supply.


Nature Walk Paths

In addition to our four (4) fenced areas, we also have two (2) Nature Walk Paths to choose from for your walk with your dog. One of our paths is 1.5 miles in distance, while the second one is a bit longer at 3.5 miles. We are open every Saturday from 9am-6pm and 10am-4pm on Sundays. We will be closed on holiday weekends.



Click here to find out how the booking works. Prices include up to 2 dogs per booking. If you wish to bring additional dogs to your session, there is an extra charge of $ 10 per dog.

You can purchase packages via our online booking page if you are a regular user (link to guide to using packages). You will be asked to agree to our organization’s terms and conditions when booking.


Health Benefits of Exercising With Your Dog

The simplest way to incorporate your dog into your very own fitness regime is through walking. The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of walking a week for general human health — a simple goal to set for your dog walks. Lifestyle Fitness Institute makes it even easier, and more fun, through our “Healthy Owners/Healthy Pets” program. Participants in this unique program commit to walking their dog for at least 150 minutes a week.

The benefits of regular walking for dog owners are already well-known, including improved muscular strength, increased stamina, better circulation, memory, and sleep, as well as increased energy levels and reduced stress. There is a very good chance you will loose weight and start feeling better as well. There are social benefits too, with our “Healthy Owners/Healthy Pets” program, participants will be able to coordinate  their schedules to meet regularly to walk with other dog lovers.

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